New Mom Friends

“New Mom Friends”

It’s not easy meeting new mom friends, at least it wasn’t for me. So often we are worried about being judged, wondering what other moms will think of you, wondering how your kid will act around other kids. It’s not easy for us, especially new moms, to meet new friends at a park, playgroup, etc. It takes a lot of courage to be outgoing and say “hey! I loved meeting you today, let’s get together again soon!”.

Don’t give up hope however, I still get a little nervous about meeting new moms and more often than not, all the anxiety and nervousness is simply in my head. Other moms feel the same way that we do, you know! I am inspired by those mothers who can walk onto a playground with their kids, say hello and make new friends in an instant. Instead, I walk onto the playground with my kid, smile and hope the other mom says something.

It seems silly, really. Really though, how do you overcome your jitters and make new mom friends?

I always feel like I have to check my teeth, make sure nothing is in them. Did I brush? Do I need a mint? Is there lipstick on my teeth? Oh man, my hair is a mess! Meeting new mom friends can be such a challenge but once you get over that fear, it should be a breeze.


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