One Small Change Part 3

“One Small Change Part 3”


My body no longer aches like it did before I started this challenge, and definitely not as bad as it did when I very first started it.  You might remember when I started my One Small Change Challenge (INSERT LINKBACK TO POST HERE) and then again when I checked in with you around the 30 day mark (Read Part 2 & Part 1).  I made a commitment to exercise for 30 minutes a day, every day, for 60 days.  It seemed like a pretty easy thing to do at first, it really did.  As I moved further into it, I realized that sometimes your body can be your worst enemy.  It was simple for me to want to give up right there, but a challenge is a challenge, and I can be pretty stubborn.  So mornings when I would have rather stayed in bed, I would mentally prepare myself for a run, and then hammer it out before anyone else in my house was even awake yet.  I would sneak away after my daughters bedtime and ride laps on my bicycle around the neighborhood.  Some days I would feel so weak, I couldn’t imagine trying to lift my set of weights, but I trudged through it and amazingly enough things started to change.  

The first major improvement I noticed was, I just felt more relaxed when I was excising.  Instead of being a burden or a chore, I relished the time I was spending outside, free from my regular routine and responsibilities and able to be alone with my thoughts and letting stress out through my body.  I started to notice my pants fitting better than they used to, and I was impressed to actually start seeing some definition in my biceps and shoulders that I hadn’t seen since high school.  These were all small things that made me feel better about myself, but the huge change was when I took my blood pressure recently.  You see, as a default from exercising, I actually started craving healthier food.  Imagine this, you go for a 30 minute run, and comeback and eat a bag of chips.  Something about that just didn’t feel right any more.  As my body started to change, I found myself reaching for the salad bowl a lot more than the pasta bowl.  I was reaching for the fresh fruit instead of the candy bars, and I was feeling the energy from increased exercise, and now the energy from being inspired to eat better as well.  

Well, as I mentioned, I took my blood pressure again recently, and my “One Small Change” turned into a big change.  I went from being considered in the “hypertension” range, back down into the normal range.  WHen it comes to blood pressure, I don’t have good genes to start with, so realizing that something as simple as diet and exercise could reverse, what I thought was, a hereditary death sentence, well it turned my perspective upside down.

As with many challenges you start, they might start of as something fun to do, or just something to change the pace of things, but I was humbled to have this challenge teach me about myself, what I am capable of, and a new way of life that I am going to continue far after the challenge has ended.  In fact, I lost count of how many days I had left, exercising has now become a part of me, and something I wouldn’t trade for the world.  

If you haven’t been following and participating in the One Small Change challenge, I urge you to do so for yourself!  You deserve it.  Even if you are new to exercising, I always say “no matter how slow I run, I’m always faster than my couch.”

Making one small change in your health habits can reap big rewards. Pledge to make one small change today. This your final chance to enter to win $2,000 plus prizes from Puritan’s Pride to help you stick to your pledge.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Puritan’s Pride. The opinions and text are all mine.


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