Our New Favorite Must-Have Products from OXO Tot

“Our New Favorite Must-Have Products from OXO Tot”

Since 1990, OXO has been dedicated to providing products that make everyday living easier. Our “question everything” process and relentless attention to detail help us uncover the best solution for the widest possible spectrum of users.

From 2004 to 2009, 25 babies were born to OXO’s (then) 50 employees. Since then, no less than one dozen new babies have joined the family. With all that growth comes a lot of experience…and ideas. OXO Tot offers parents thoughtful products that help guide, nurture and care for their little ones.

Like all parents, OXO moms and dads look forward to the last few weeks of summer when the pace of the office is a bit slow and we can enjoy a brief break from work. Also like other parents, OXO moms and dads used to couple this joy with a bit of anxiety – how on earth can we travel like sane adults with little ones in tow?

Through the years, we’ve found ourselves “MacGyver-ing” quite a few solutions when it dawned on us – let’s MAKE products to make our lives – and the lives of thousands of other parents – easier as they travel with tots.







On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser

The OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser is perfect for keeping wipes handy while on the move. A simple, one-handed push of the button reveals a large opening for easy access to wipes that easily dispenses one wipe at a time. The handy strap means you can secure it to your stroller or diaper bag handles, and the slim shape easily tucks into bags or purses. Now, you never have to be caught in a sticky situation!

– Large button for easy, one-handed opening
– Silicone tether securely attaches Dispenser to strollers or diaper bag straps
– Generous opening provides easy access and dispenses one wipe at a time
– Slim shape tucks perfectly into any bag

Tot Tricks:
1. “Wipes are my best friends at home, and now with the On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser, they are my best friends everywhere. At only $7.99, I keep two on-hand for long car rides. One attached to a head rest, the other one in my diaper bag. At any moment, I can reach a wipe in under 3 seconds.”

2. “I take my On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser everywhere. With my older boys, I use it to wipe sticky hands (or boogies) after meals, to wipe down counters and table tops at restaurants, or to store flushable wipes for public restrooms. My little one gets his own for diaper wipes – I usually just leave one in the car. It stores my wipes without drying them out.”

Estimated Availability Date: July 28th on Diapers[dot]com

On-The-Go Bottle Drying Rack

This compact cleaning kit is small enough to easily fit into diaper bags or purses while on the road. It opens up into a drying rack with flexible tines to accommodate bottles, nipples, breast pump parts and more. Neatly tucked inside the folded drying rack are a Nipple Cleaner and Bottle Brush head that assemble to form a full sized Bottle Brush. The Brush has soft and firm bristles for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing and has a soft handle that is non-slip, even when wet. The silicone Nipple Cleaner cleans tight spots like bottle nipples and breast pump parts more effectively than bristles can. The ventilation holes provide aeration for quick drying.

– Compact, all-in-one cleaning solution perfect when away from home
– Compact, smooth shape tucks easily into diaper bag, purse or suitcase
– Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner fits securely inside the Drying Rack for convenient storage
– Flexible tines elevate bottles, nipples and breast pump parts to allow for ventilation
– Rib pattern wicks away water and provides ample space for drying
– Ideal for drying bottles, sippy cups, breast pump parts and more

Tot Tricks:
1. “The On-the-Go Drying Rack was conceived on our OXO retreat (no pun intended)! I was with my team member and our kids, rinsed my son’s bottle and couldn’t find a clean place next to the sink and she said, ‘We should make a portable drying rack with a brush!”

2. “Before the On-the-Go Drying Rack, I used to bring my Dishwasher Basket with me when I traveled. I would place cleaned bottles in the Basket in hotel bathrooms so they didn’t touch the countertops. When packing, I used to stuff it with formula, washcloths and other infant necessities so everything was close at hand.”

$14.99, Available now on Diapers[dot]com

Handy Stroller Hook

The Hook features a soft silicone grip that will keep your shopping bags from slipping, or offers a comfortable handle for big kids to hold while strolling. The Hook also features non-slip grips and an adjustable strap, so you can place it anywhere on the stroller. The convenient shape of this durable, lightweight aluminum Hook allows for quick and easy loading and unloading.

– Non-slip grip and grooves on Hook keep bags from slipping
– Soft, comfortable grip also great for big kids to hold onto while walking
– Non-slip pad and secure closure keep Hook securely in place
– Hook can be attached anywhere on stroller handles or frame
– Adjustable strap fits all stroller handles
– Hook constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum

Tot Tricks:
1. “As a city dweller, we use our stroller like other parents use their SUV. I broke at least 6 sets of plastic hooks walking all over the city. I saw the need for OXO to make a really good one when I was out all day running errands, piling dinner and dry cleaning onto the stroller and realized I couldn’t see my son anymore –the stroller was so covered with stuff.”

2. “What I love about our Handy Stroller Hook is that it’s useful even when not holding bags. The engineer on the project had a new baby at home and realized he needed a place for his older son to hold onto the stroller while crossing the street. The Hook is sized generously to hold bags, but also is perfect for older siblings to hang on.”

Estimated Availability August 2013 on Diapers[dot]com

Flippy™ Snack Cup

The OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover is great for munching at home or on the go. The soft, flexible opening gives little hands easy access to goodies, while the flaps keep even small snacks off the floor. The twist-on lid stays secure when the Cup is dropped (or thrown!), and the shape of the non-slip handle is just right for tots. The Cup comes with a snap-on cover to keep snacks fresh and secure.

– Soft, comfortable flaps provide easy access to snacks
– Flaps keep snacks in the Cup and off the floor
– Twist-on lid won’t pop off, even when Cup is dropped
– Travel cover snaps on to keep snacks contained while on the go
– Non-slip handle conveniently hooks onto strollers and is easy for little hands to hold
– Capacity is 8-ounces

Tot Tricks:
1. “When developing the Flippy™ Snack Cup, we paid really close attention the softness of the flaps. The older styles on the market were useful, but our kids couldn’t stand the ‘ouch’ factor.”

2. “My favorite part of the Flippy™ Snack Cup is the lid. Crumbs in the diaper bag have virtually disappeared since the Snack Cup entered our lives.”

$5.99, Available Now on Diapers[dot]com

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