When the late musician Bob Marley sang, “Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright,” he was clearly being optimistic. Worry is a natural and uncontrollable human emotion. Whether it’s your health, finances, or safety, there’s likely always something worrying you. However, there are ways to get this stressful feeling under control. Here are some things you can do to ease those constant agonizing thoughts.

We all know that seafood is healthy and delicious for you, especially salmon, loaded with lots of protein, Vitamin D, omega-3’s and good fats. But it can get pretty pricey. A salmon filet from your grocery store may cost you $8 a pound. Skip this route and go to a big Asian supermarket. Most Asian markets are going to be consistently cheaper than your traditional chain supermarket, and have a much wider and fresher selection of ingredients.  This week I went in and found that salmon fillets were $5.00 a pound. Better than the other grocery store, but I still wasn’t willing to pay that much. After a little searching, I found salmon belly for only a $1.49 a pound! Score!

The colorful, clip-on iPod Shuffle has been a favorite amongst busy families and fitness fanatics for years, and Apple continues to improve it with new features. It comes in eight brilliant colors, features large clickable buttons, and even comes with VoiceOver for complete control while listening. Just ask it to tell you the name of a song or the artist, to switch between playlists, and be notified when it needs charging. The shuffle can be easily clipped onto clothing, a purse strap, or a backpack so that it’s not only portable, but wearable too- great for working out, running errands, and all busy summer activities!

With childhood obesity at epidemic proportions, if we want healthy kids, the drive-through is out, and home cooking is in. The convenience of fast food is killing us. No worries, though, because we’ve got these quick, easy (and, yes, fun) recipes to help you roll out a quick lunch or light dinner without any temptation from the fast food giants.

This summer, you’re probably planning on grilling out with the family and you intend to bring the usual picnic staples: hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ chicken. Instead of just a BBQ chicken with regular old bottled BBQ sauce, change things up with Jamaican jerk chicken. If you love spicy food, you’ll love these chicken thighs marinated in a hot spice mixture flavored with habaneros peppers, allspice, and other spices. Habanero peppers are much hotter than your average jalepeno, but don’t be too shy with them or substitute for a different milder pepper because they have a great smokey flavor and aroma that’s key to this dish.

“Turn the music up louder!” I hear the sweet little voice of my daughter say as I turn a corner. I think to myself, that the music is definitely loud enough. Am I becoming my own parents? Can’t be…so I comply with the request. If anything it drowns out the off key singing from the backseat to the song that I am surprised passes as music these days. I guess it does have a pretty good beat. I look in my rear view mirror and catch a glance at my daughter who is singing her heart out to whomever boy this song might be about. She almost has me convinced that her heart is broken, and she would do anything to have him come back. “She is really growing up too fast” I murmur under my breath. I had no idea my daughter knew so many dance moves, while strapped into a car seat. She has enough style to make it as a pop star, that’s for sure.