“Celeb Talk: Trendy Toddlers”

As a celebrity news addict and a mom, I can’t get enough of cute little celebrity kids! Nearly all of them are more stylish than I could ever hope to be and they’re just so darn sassy. Check out a roundup of

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“Tech Talk: HZO WaterBlock”

A long time ago, in my pre-kid days, I dropped my husband’s phone in a toilet. And not just any toilet. A toilet in a hole-in-the-wall bar! Needless to say, he was not amused. Now that I’m a mom, I’ve had my

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“Pregnancy = Blindness”

Okay, maybe not… but… I’m convinced. I’m not pregnant now but I am legally required to wear glasses when driving now because you know, I can’t see anything. Before I became pregnant, I had wonderful vision.. I mean, I remember people saying

Which celebs will be adding to their families this year? Here at Modern Day Moms, we are suckers for new babies. Like I’m sure you are too, we’re like frenzied sharks when we hear there’s a new baby to cuddle (and smell…