This wonderful recipe for the world’s best mac and cheese is from Kurt Beecher Dammeier’s “Pure Flavor” cookbook. Yield: Serves 4 as a side dish Ingredients Butter or vegetable oil, for baking dish 6 ounces penne 2 cups Beecher’s Flagship Cheese Sauce

Today Harper (4 months) and I participated in our very first “My Gym” class and had so much fun! My Gym has developed an extraordinary program and facility devised to help children 6 weeks thru 13 years of age develop physically, cognitively

It’s about that time of year again in my house, to dust off the camping gear. The camping season officially opens Memorial Day weekend, so I like to pull out the gear, make sure everything is in good shape, and take inventory

Did you know that a product can have less than 1% natural ingredients and still advertise itself as “Natural”? Coloring, fragrance, texture and many other selling points of a product are all reasons why companies include synthetic often petroleum based ingredients. We’re

Ah the dreaded fitted sheet! For the longest time I didn’t even attempt to fold this laundry monster, I would simply roll it up and stuff it into the bottom of our linen drawer. Problem is now that I’m a mama our limited storage space is even more cramped and stuffing drawers just doesn’t cut it.

What if I told you, you could put your “face” on and be ready to head out the door in a minute or less? Would you believe me? You can! Before I had my daughter, I had all this free time to

With a full line fit for any terrain, BOB’s strollers look like a dream come true! Their styles range from city sidewalk friendly, to thick wheeled off-road ready — maybe with thick enough wheels for me to run on the beach?!

You will love this portable crib. Here’s why: The Go Crib (which I of course discovered AFTER purchasing my nightmare Pack ‘N Play) is the newest and greatest thing to ever hit the portable crib market. Weighing in at 7lbs the Go Crib has no large metal or plastic components and is incredibly compact.

These awesome things are wee little ROBOT butterflies inside a canning jar! You tap the lid and they magically flutter around like a real butterfly! I handed this thing to my girls about an hour ago and they WILL NOT stop staring at it.

We are big fans of Netflix in our house. Not just any netflix service though, instant streaming is where it’s at. It’s cheaper than the standard netflix movie delivery in your mailbox. This service can be made possible by logging into netflix