With so many cute rompers, jumpsuits, bows, hair ties, swaddles and other newborn clothing items out there, it can be overwhelming to decide what exactly you need, and how much of each clothing item is necessary! Also, if you’re expecting a new baby, you’re most likely being targeted by many brands on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook with the most adorable outfits and might be impulsively spending money on really expensive items that your babe can only wear for about a month or so. (Shhh, don’t tell our partners!)

Smoothie Bowls are amazing. If you are a fan of smoothies, you are pretty much going to have your life changed when you try a smoothie bowl. In its deconstructed form, these are great breakfast options that you can enjoy all throughout the day. Combining various fruits, greens, granolas, seeds and yogurt, smoothie bowls are going to be your new favorite thing.

Sure, pregnancy has its benefits. You’re supposed to have an amazing glow (although I really think it’s just a little glistening from all of the sweat thanks to hormones), your hair is thicker and fuller,  and you might even have a nice new amazing rack to show off. Not to mention, at the end of it all you get to have a brand new baby to snuggle which is truly the most amazing gift of them all. However, there are plenty of not so pretty symptoms, aches, and ailments that you’ll have to deal with during the pregnancy that you might not have expected.

Welcome to our DIY Crafts series! DIY Crafts is focused on crafts that we have done, crafts that we will do and crafts that others have done that I feel deserve the “Craft Spotlight“. I invite you to check back often as I share these projects with you. You can view all of the DIY Crafts by visiting our DIY and Arts & Crafts section.

I am a combination of a stay-at-home mom mixed with a 12-hour-shift-working nurse. I stay home with my kids on week days, and work 1-2 weekend days a week. Whether I am at home or working, I like having the option to have a quick and easy, but delicious lunch ready to go in minutes. One way to make my life much easier is to meal prep protein to have throughout the week. My only problem with meal prepping is that I hate to eat the same thing over and over every day. I have found an easy solution to have the best of both worlds.

There is so much fanfare, energy and time put into hosting, planning, decorating and executing extravagant baby showers for the new mom to be. Which is great, and all, but what happens when the new parents are hit with the reality of caring for this new, cute, squishy little human that requires all of your time, energy and attention and you’re completely exhausted after most likely not getting any sleep? Most of the time there are dishes piling in the sink, loads of laundry to be done, your dogs haven’t been walked and life just seems to revolve around making sure you and your little one are surviving and thriving.

Prior to becoming pregnant, cannabis was a part of my everyday life. I would either enjoy a joint or a bowl after a long day at work or treat myself to a nice edible before going to see a movie with my husband on the weekend. Not to mention, marijuana is a great cure for hangovers if you had too many cocktails or glasses of wine the night before.

Make your own cute and shimmery glitter bowl in just a few easy steps. These bowls are so fun, but I have to warn you, they are not very sturdy and aren’t meant to hold heavy items. I am making another one in gold, too.