This is one of my favorite go-to diy recipes using essential oils. I use this hand sanitizer ALL the time. It works great and is especially great for those with sensitive skin. I can’t use hand sanitizer with alcohol on my daughter because it makes her itchy, so this is a great alternative and we highly recommend it!

Went to Starbucks without any idea of what I really wanted. I just knew I wanted something cold that tasted like delicious dessert. Told the barista to make me whatever he wanted. He asked if I liked caramel, apples and green tea. The answer is yes. I am now enjoying the most amazing Green Tea Caramel Apple Frappuccino. It’s not even on the menu, but I hope you can find someone to make this for you.

With the economy still in recovery, people are delaying buying a home and more families are continuing to rent across the country. has created the Top 25 Cities for Renters Raising Families with the help of Onboard Informatics. Featuring some of the most affluent, green and kid-friendly cities in the nation, this complete list includes 10 states from across the nation. New Jersey rocked the list with eight cities making the top 25, and Livingston, NJ took the coveted number one spot. Check out if your hometown made the list!

I have a tea obsession and I’ll be the first one to admit it. When I discovered Teavana, that’s when the real trouble began. You mean to tell me, I can have pretty blooming things in my tea? Well, this called for new coffee mugs (clear ones) and assorted jars because my tea collection is about to get bigger.