Paleo Grouper Omelet

“Paleo Grouper Omelet”

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When it comes to healthy foods, I try and stay on top of my game. Science seems to change its opinion faster than I can on what is and what isn’t healthy. One thing that has remained over the years is that a diet that includes fish, is one of the healthier diets you can adhere to.

The omega oils that can be found fish are paramount to a heart healthy lifestyle.

Living in Florida, I feel lucky to have access to some of the freshest fish around. Surrounded by water on three sides, it’s no wonder Florida produces some of the freshest and most delicious seafood. Many restaurants specialize in their locally and fresh caught fish, and I never have to have the same fish, the same way twice! Lucky to have it be Fresh from Florida!

Many local restaurants specialize in fresh caught Florida grouper. If you are not sure what places do, it definitely is worth it to ask. You will never want to try anything else again, once you have had it fresh. Even people that swear up and down that they “don’t like fish” might change their mind once they have had something as delicious as a “Grouper Reuben”, one of my personal favorites. Although it might sound weird, as it did to me when I first tried one, to be honest, I am completely hooked. It is one of the most delicious and flavorful sandwiches you could ever try, especially when the grouper is fresh!

When it comes to fish, one of my most favorite would have to be Grouper. Its a delicious and versatile fish that can be included in everything from sandwiches to just blackened, grilled, or fried. Florida’s grouper is the best because of how fresh it is. There is a definite difference between fresh caught fish and any other type there is.

To show just hot versatile grouper is, I have included it in one of my most favorite breakfast items, the omelet. This healthy breakfast might seem odd at first, with fish for breakfast, but I am confident you will become a convert once you too try it. It’s exactly what you need to jumpstart your day and give you the energy to keep moving. All thanks to some deliciously, fresh caught, Florida grouper.





Paleo Grouper Omelet

This healthy omelet also meets requirements for those trying out a “paleo diet”, those that want a healthy omelet, or just someone that wants to give it a shot.


2 eggs
2-4 oz meat (I chose grouper, but you could use diced ham)
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1/4 onion
1/2 tomato
1/4 green pepper
Few sprigs of cilantro


1. Dice the onion, tomato, and pepper together and add in the cilantro. Mix together in a bowl.

2. Crack the eggs into a separate bowl and beat them well.

3. Put your stove on medium low heat.

4. When the pan is warm, add the coconut oil and allow it to melt into the pan.

5. Pour the eggs into the pan and tilt pan until the eggs cover the entire surface of the pan evenly.

6. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on medium low heat.

7. Fold in the tomatoes, peppers and onions to the eggs.

8. Flake in the cooked grouper.

9. Fold in the edges of the egg by mixing it into the center of the pan until the entire middle of the pan is covered with egg and the vegetables and grouper are perfectly hidden.

10. Use a spatula to remove the omelet from the pan once it is cooked (should take no more than 10 minutes)

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  • Darlene on November 14, 2013

    First, you have a typo in your recipe. I’m pretty sure you mean diced ham not jam. and Second, you’re making me crave grouper and it’s so hard to find in the Chicago area. but the omelet sounds yummy.

    • Modern Day Moms on November 20, 2013

      Thank you so much for catching that. Jam probably wouldn’t taste that great LOL


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