Patriotic DIY Project Ideas - #TryVAIOTap20 #SonyVAIO

“Patriotic DIY Project Ideas – #TryVAIOTap20 #SonyVAIO”

I found myself brainstorming with my 6 year old daughter earlier today about the fourth of July. We wanted to come up with a fun project that we could create together to show our patriotic spirit…. but what could that project be?

I grabbed our Sony VAIO Tap 20 and headed to the living room floor.


It was time to browse for project inspiration! But first, she asked if she could draw me a picture. Of course, I couldn’t say no!


I took the time to join her and drew a little tropical paradise of my own.

Now, it was time to browse for Independence Day project ideas.

1. July 4th Printables

These printables are perfect and when printed on sticky paper, you could even make labels!


2. Firecracker Favors

Don’t be nervous — these fireworks aren’t the exploding kind. In fact, they’re meant to be grabbed (and eventually eaten!). Made from candy rolls, they add a sparkling touch to a Fourth of July party.


What you’ll need
Roll of candy (they used Life Savers)
Colored tape
Foil party picks

How to make it
For each firecracker, remove the outer wrapper from a roll of candy. Wrap the inner lining with colored tape.

Insert foil party picks into the center of the roll, snapping off part of the pick if needed to get the correct length.

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3. DIY Paper Fans

The blog No.2 Pencil got it right when they shared this DIY Paper Fan tutorial… it’s HOT in July!!!


After we gathered up enough inspiration, we thought the fan idea was really cute! We will be trying it this week.

Of course, as soon as I was done on the Sony VAIO Tap 20, my daughter immediately asked if she could play the puzzle game, puzzletouch. I sat down with her on the floor, and played!



Still amazed by the fact that she can actually play a puzzle on the computer… I’ll admit, it fascinates me too!


As you can see, The Sony VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC, powered by the Intel® Core™ processor is the ideal device for the original All-in-One: MOM. Not only that, your kids will love playing games, puzzles and spending time  with you coming up with fun, craft ideas… and you won’t even have to bribe them!

Go-from learning mode, to playing mode, to relaxing mode – instantly. Everything the family wants in a single, hassle-free device.

I participated in this Sony and Intel sponsored post with Burst Media, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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