Perk Vent Wraps (review)

“Perk Vent Wraps (review)”

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To be completely honest I'm not real big on air fresheners. Most air fresheners that I have tried have either been too strong for the first day and then the smell disappears, or the constant source of a terrible headache every time I drive my car. Sure it would be a lot nicer for my car to smell less like stinky children and more like a tolerable smell. However, most times that's just not possible. I had all but given up until I tried out PERK Vent Wraps. Their design was simple enough and I am of the opinion that usually simpler is better. I had a couple of choices and I ended up trying the clean laundry smell. It wasn't offensive at all nor was it overpowering.

Usually I have to give my car a day or two with the windows down before I can even stand getting in it, and then only a day or two with the smell lasting.

It's quite the vicious cycle but this vent air freshener changed my mind and now I'm a believer. I'm talking about the Vent Wrap from PERK. I like how simple it was to use and how the smells were very tolerable. Not only did they smell good but they were not overpowering like many other air fresheners are. PERK Vent Wraps took the smells that were unpleasant out of my car and replaced them with something fresh and pleasant. Not only that, but the smell was mild enough for me to tolerate thought it was extremely long lasting! They are out-of-the-way and easy to move to different vents if someone is sitting right in front of it and doesn't want to have the scent blowing directly on them. NEW StediScent® technology delivers fragrance that is just right!



I thought that there would never be a time where I could find an air freshener that would work. Thanks to PERK Vent Wraps I'm able to have my car smell fresh again. It makes no sense for me to spend time cleaning out my car and getting a car wash when the inside still smells like sweaty kids that have been playing at the park all day. It also makes no sense to purchase air fresheners that don't last more than a day or give you a headache when you smell them. I honestly couldn't be any happier with PERK Vent Wraps with their ease of installation, ability to move around and how long they're scents lasts. Where to purchase – Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target, and other retailers that sell automotive air fresheners.

If you don't believe me, I urge you to try them for yourself! It almost makes my car feel brand new again and a place I am happy to be while I am driving it.

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