Picking The Baby's Name

“Picking The Baby’s Name”


When I was 23, I didn’t really think about motherhood. However, at 23, when I became pregnant, everything just sort of came to me. It was almost like a natural instinct. Things became easier, cutting out caffeine (and other things that I knew wouldn’t be a healthy choice) was a no-brainer.  

When it came to picking out the baby name, my husband and I threw around some ideas. Man, did we ever have some cute ones for if we were going to have a boy (and hopefully, we will get to use one of those names someday.)

Although if my husband gets his way, he mentioned something about twins, triplets? I don’t know… something crazy that he never meant.

While we had some cute names for girls picked out, nothing really stuck. This next paragraph is going to sound like a bunch of bs but this is honestly how it happened. 

I had a dream that I had given birth and I was calling my child a name that was not on the list. One that I had never even thought of before. From that moment on, I knew what I was going to name my baby girl and to this day, the name I chose is totally fitting for her.

It wasn’t easy, but that is how I decided on my baby’s name. How did you decide on your baby’s name? Or do you have a great story on how your parents decided on your name? Tell me for a chance to win a year’s supply of cards from Cardstore.com! 

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