Play Like A Girl

“Play Like A Girl”


We’ve tried it all. We’ve bought roller skates, bicycles, basketballs, frisbees and soccer balls. We’ve eagerly learned about the physical benefits of “barefoot running” together, and limped back home with tiny shards of glass in our toes.

We’ve tried jumping rope, only to realize that not only is it “boring” but it’s also hard. Together my daughter and I have set up my weight set, designated her the “small weight lifter” and turned around to find her playing with a Barbie she found in the corner of the garage.

We have spent an afternoon learning to skateboard, only to find out it is a lot more fun to slide down the ramps like a sliding board rather than riding on a skateboard that wiggles and wobbles. One afternoon we decided we would be soccer players only to be chased off the playing field by an angry gang of wasps we accidentally annoyed. We tried rollerskating, and I bought a pair as well only to find out we spent more time on our bottoms than on our skates. Basketball was a lot of fun until my daughter came to the conclusion that being 3 feet tall can sometimes have it’s disadvantages. Never for a second did we lose enthusiasm or get discouraged. Not every sport is for every kid and I only offer encouragement.

I’m excited when she is excited and assure her she will find the right activity soon enough. Karate seemed like a good one for a little girl that has boundless energy, until she found out there are rules to follow. She promptly (and I think accidentally) kicked me in my tender regions and we both decided it was best to leave fighting to the professionals.

Yoga was too slow and made her sleepy, baseball involved too much coordination for such a young girl and wrestling usually just meant her trying to break my fingers and coming too close to success for my comfort. Never once did we think, we ought to stop looking. We eagerly looked forward toward the next exciting adventure.

The day we found a scooter in our neighbors trash was the sport we were looking for. Did you know there are professional “trick” scooter riders? If not, it’s a real thing. These people are jumping a child’s toy down a set of twenty stairs, and to me that makes it plenty “sport” enough. “Hey look at me!” I exclaimed as my daughter looked on in amazement. “Let me try!” She cried.

She took to the scooter like a fish to water, like a bird to the sky, like a…well you get the idea. To me she was weaving in and out of a new land of excitement. She looked like an absolute pro gliding across the asphalt like skates on ice. She was a natural. “I’m pretty good, huh?” She smiled. I was actually amazed how true that statement was.

She had never ridden one before, and was already flying down our road, one footed, one handed, and even did a jump where both wheels left the ground. It was awesome. Then she got a little too comfortable. She went to make a sharp turn and she fell, the handlebars hit her directly across the bridge of the nose. She let out a yelp and I immediately rushed to her side. She was more surprised and embarrassed than hurt, and I hesitantly asked, “are you done with scooters?” “Of course not Dad! That’s just part of it, sometimes you fall but you have to get back up.” I was proud of her.

She has since stuck to it and is able to enjoy something that she excels at, and gets get exercising outdoors. She hasn’t jumped down any stairs yet, and I shudder to think if she ever did, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her grace the cover of “scoot mag” in the near future!

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