Quick & Easy Holiday Decorations

“Quick & Easy Holiday Decorations”

We all want our houses to look cute and decked out for the Holidays…. but as moms, we don’t always have the time. Here are just a few ideas to decorate your house a bit without a lot of effort. I did most of this while winding down after bedtime chaos with some wine and TV. Homeland, anyone?!?

If you have empty flower pots on your porch, wrap some empty boxes, tie a ribbon around them and add some garland to cover up the dirt (I got some at the hardware store for super cheap). I had my husband put a spotlight on our front door so you could see it at night too. It looks really nice and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it! My porch is covered, but I still sprayed the wrapped boxes with some clear coat, before I tied the bow, to protect them a little from the elements.


Here’s an idea for the mantle. I got those floral foam cones, ribbon and glittery holiday balls from a craft store and made my own Christmas trees for my mantle. Just wrap the ribbon around, secure it with some straight pins and then hot glue the balls on! The canvas (8×10) was done with a red paint pen. SO easy! You can trace the letters or do freehand. Mine were freehand, so they are not perfect by any means… but I like to think that it adds character, right?


This is another 8×10 canvas to hang or for a mantle or shelf. It could also be done on paper and framed, (which would be super cute and I’ll probably end up doing as well). I cut out strips of scrapbook paper, a trunk and a star and glued them on to make a tree. This is tedious if you cut with scissors, but using a ruler and a razor blade/straight edge if you don’t have a paper cutter works really well.


All pretty simple stuff that brightens your home for the holidays! A good room is made possible with the right holiday decorations. Good luck! Wishing everyone a Fab and Happy 2013!



  • Melanie Ivie on December 17, 2012

    I love your clock from the little bit I can see! Where did you get it from? mnixz0@gmail.com


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