Ready, Snack, Go! with Smithfield

“Ready, Snack, Go! with Smithfield”

When my daughter comes home from school the first thing she does is drop her backpack on the floor and head straight to the refrigerator. It’s almost as if she had not eaten in weeks the way she opens the refrigerator door and scans the area for a snack to satisfy her appetite.

Growing kids need healthy snacks, but if we don’t have anything quick at hand it seems like she will go for the junk food drawer before I can intervene. Ready, Snack, Go! Is a perfect snack to keep my kid on track until dinnertime and allow her to choose something that is perfect for her.

It seems like our lives get busier and busier but with the help of Ready, Snack, Go!, it takes some of the guesswork out of a quick after-school snack so we can get down to serious business like homework.




Smithfield’s Ready, Snack, Go! isn’t just for the kids however, their combination of sliced Smithfield lunchmeat paired with fresh cheese is a great snack for Mom as well. Packed with protein and made from simple ingredients, Smithfield Ready, Snack, Go! is The perfect solution for an afterschool snack whether it’s for my daughter or if it’s just for mom.

With six flavor varieties into size offerings in individually sealed single packs, these gluten-free, 100 cal or less, protein packed snacks are not only awesome for the house but conveniently fit right into my daughter’s lunch box. At least these are something I know she will eat.

There is a flavor for everyone and their individual packs include delicious combination’s such as:

Smithfield Smoked Ham & American Cheese
Smithfield Smoked Ham & Hot Pepper Cheese
Smithfield Smoked Ham & Swiss American Cheese
Smithfield Roasted Turkey & American Cheese
Smithfield Roasted Turkey & Hot Pepper Cheese
Smithfield Roasted Turkey & Swiss American Cheese

And perfect for road trips or picnic lunches the three packs come with these combinations:

Smithfield Smoked Ham & American Cheese
Smithfield Roasted Turkey & American Cheese

Ready, Snack, Go! are now available at grocery stores nationwide, and if your child comes home from school as hungry as mine does, you’ll understand why they are a staple in our household!

For more information, visit www.Smithfield.com


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