RepairPal 2.0

“RepairPal 2.0”

Let me introduce you to an app that you are going to LOVE. I know we feature a lot of our favorite apps on the site but this one will definitely come in handy….


According to their website, “RepairPal offers a stress-free, time-saving method of obtaining all the relevant information conscientious consumers need. Unlike any other online resource, RepairPal provides impartial, fair price estimates, the most comprehensive auto shop directory, and expert insights and advice from certified mechanics. RepairPal’s unique, patent-pending system relies on multiple sources of difficult-to-acquire proprietary data that has never before been available to consumers.”

I was able to take this app for a spin (ha) this past weekend… As my car was in need for an oil change, I was able to search for places close by my house, within a certain price range and also compare services offered to find the best shop for my oil change needs. Why pay $20 more for a place that won’t also refill your windshield wiper fluids…? Now, you can see just what services are offered for the price you are paying to get the best deal.


There are some amazing things you can do on the mobile app! For example, you can look up the maintenance schedules for your car or cars, if you have a few… and find the best price! No more guessing. It takes all the guess work out of your car repairs. No paperwork… have everything all in one place which makes keeping records easy as pie! By comparing services, you can find a place that’s best for you and save their information. I found this to be super handy.

Another thing I found to be helpful is the ability to look up and price all kinds of services, from tire rotation to brake replacement. By finding the best price and shop, you are able to budget correctly which saves you a whole lot of stress because who wants to find out the repair costs for something AFTER the work was done.

Not I!

For all those car lovers…
If you are one of those people who names your car, you can add the car’s nickname to your profile! If you have a few cars in the family… That’s not a problem either! You can create different profiles for each car.

This app is amazing and is very helpful, especially if you aren’t really “handy” with car repairs..

The quick tour you are greeted with explains a little how to use the app. From there, you can find a shop, look at your records and plan your next repair or maintenance.

The RepairPal 2.0 Mobile app sells for US$4.99. Click here to purchase the RepairPal 2.0 Mobile App or to learn more about it.

I was selected for this sponsored review by the Clever Girls Collective and received the RepairPal 2.0 Mobile app for free. To learn more about RepairPal 2.0, please visit their website.


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