RSVP to the #MyMiraFit Twitter Party 3/6 at 1pm EST!

“RSVP to the #MyMiraFit Twitter Party 3/6 at 1pm EST!”

Join us for the #MyMiraFit Twitter Party this Friday, March 6th at 1:00 pm
Hashtag: #MyMiraFit

Host: @ModernDayMoms
Co-Host: @ModernDayDads

Prizes: 5 winners

4 Prizes
$50 gift card to Lululemon (4)
All participants who RSVP to The #MyMiraFit Chat will receive a 10% discount code for the product!

1 Grand Prize
Mira Fitness Tracker and Bracelet ($169 value)

The Mira tracker is versatile enough to fit your mood or a midday wardrobe change. Wear the tracker in our sleek bracelet when you want to be the star of attention. Simply clip it to your clothing, or slip it in your pocket to be more discreet. No matter what you prefer or where you move, the Mira tracker captures every step.



Find inspiration and motivation with Mira. The stylish, lightweight bracelet surrounds a detachable tracker that tracks your steps, calories, distance and elevation. The tracker works with our app to give you a complete picture of your routine, send you tips to keep you moving and help you make the most of every healthy moment – even if that’s just a few minutes a day.

Website: http://bit.ly/mirapresale
Facebook: Facebook.com/MyMiraFit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyMiraFit

Objectives of Twitter Party:
Chat about how our fitness routines, schedules and what motivates you to stay fit.

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  • Jennifer Essad on March 5, 2015

    awesome sponsor/prizes, I love LuLuLemon and the Mira Fitness Tracker and Bracelet sounds amazing – can’t wait


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