Shhhhut Down Fat Talk!

“Shhhhut Down Fat Talk!”

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It’s true that we can be our own worst enemies. I can see myself standing in front of a mirror examining every inch of my own body. This parts too big, this parts too small, I wish I had more muscles, I just can’t help myself sometimes.

Almost as an immediate defense, when friends tell me how good I look after all the work I have been putting in, I snap back with “are you kidding me, I could still lose another 10 pounds.” I just can’t allow myself to take the praise. There’s always something I wish I could change, when really I should pay more attention to changing my attitude.

With beautiful people on the cover of magazines, on television, and everywhere we look, as women it’s very hard to keep up sometimes. Sometimes it feels like societal expectations can be a little too much, but really we are the harshest judges of our own selves. Even so, when we watch those beautiful people on television, we find ourselves picking out every flaw that they have and expanding upon that to make them seem all the more human. Though some people are blessed with perfect bodies, or bodies that we wish we had, we minimize the work they may have put into that body by saying “they are too tall quote, “they are too skinny”, we just can’t be happy for anyone else when we aren’t happy with ourselves. This attitude of body shaming is what we really need to reconsider. I have committed to take a stand against “fat talk” and will help as much as I can to #fightfattalk.

The key to real healthiness is positivity. We can’t shame ourselves into feeling better about our image, or guilt ourselves into losing weight. This is why we have to stand together and #fightfattalk. For ourselves, and others, it’s important to commit to this brand of positivity. When we hear a friend downing themselves, try your best to bring them up. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a kind word of encouragement, or inviting them to the gym with you. The focus should be on being healthy, not abusing ourselves and each other with negativity.

If we take a look at some of the things we say, or right, especially on social media sites, we would be surprised to find out how negative sometimes we really can be. If we spend that much effort in bringing ourselves up instead of putting ourselves and others down we would be all the better for it. Won’t you join me to #fightfattalk?

This video really struck close to home. While watching it not only did it break my heart, but it really challenged me to take a look at what I was saying about myself and others. Take a look and see if you don’t see some similarities and yourself as well, and challenge yourself to get healthier this year, and to #fightfattalk.

So, as women make those New Year’s resolutions to get back on track this season, Special K has teamed up with supermodel Tyra Banks to help liberate and empower other women to take a positive approach toward healthy weight management.  As you work towards your positive weight loss goals, Special K is helping empower women to fight “fat talk” (www.FightFatTalk.com) along with offering many delicious, guilt-free products, including snack foods and breakfast choices that provide protein and fiber.

To help women reach their weight management goals, this New Year, Special K offers a variety of delicious food options and is inviting them to participate in the Special K Challenge, an easy, productive way that works for women to jump-start their weight-management plans for the New Year. For more information about the Special K Challenge, visit www.SpecialK.com and do your part to help #FightFatTalk!!

This post is sponsored by #FightFatTalk and Burst Media. All opinions are my own!


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