Simplify Your Digital Life + Save Precious Memories

“Simplify Your Digital Life + Save Precious Memories”


Have you ever lost precious photos or rummaged through drawers in frantic search of a document you need for your kid’s first day of school? Well, in hectic households Bitcasa can be a real game-changer helping your family safely store, find and share infinite amounts of information.

Bitcasa allows you to store, access, and share everything you’ve ever owned – every picture, every movie, every document, every song – without limits and without the worry of running out of space. With the Bitcasa Infinite Drive, you are able to access all your files, photos, playlists, videos and docs anytime, anywhere.

Bitcasa works seamlessly with all your devices – your home computer, your work laptop, your phone, and your tablet – so you can access your stuff everywhere. Sending any file, even HUGE files, to friends and family is instant and simple.

Here are five ways your family can take advantage of Bitcasa:

  1. Create album favorites:  Upload your photos to easily view and share your memories at family functions, parties with friends or with your children when they grow up!  You can create albums for Halloween, the holidays or family milestones and instantly access them anytime and anywhere on any device.

  2. Be prepared for any occasion:  Back up important documents (work, tax, healthcare, immunization records, etc.) to ensure they don’t get moved, ripped, spilled on, lost or face any other disaster. You can also access your files in real-time. Say it’s the first day of preschool and you need to access your child’s latest immunization records, Bitcasa helps you avoid those frantic searches!

  3. Enjoy your full music library:  Do you get annoyed that your phone or tablet doesn’t have enough space to hold your music library? Upload all your songs to Bitcasa and enjoy at your next family reunion or children’s birthday party.

  4. Share precious moments as they happen:  From any device, use Send To Friend links to let your friends and family easily stream pictures and large videos. For example, send videos to Grandma who wasn’t able to make it to graduation.

  5. Travel planning:  Make sure all your files are backed up when you travel in case you have any unexpected issues requiring proof of identity, vaccinations or confirmation of hotel and flight reservations. Remember these can be accessed on any device or you can remotely access using your password on someone else’s device with my.bitcasa.com. Also by “Favoriting” files, such as movies, you can access them offline to watch on the plane or in the car.

This is only a few of the ways that moms can use Bitcasa!  We are also offering readers a 20% discount of the usual $99 year’s subscription to the Bitcasa Infinite Drive with code MODMOM20.

Download at www.bitcasa.com, and follow at www.twitter.com/bitcasa and www.facebook.com/bitcasa.


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