Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels went Peanut-Free!

“Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels went Peanut-Free!”

My oldest had a tough time at school last year. The last few weeks where all the kids were picking on each other, and the teacher had already mentally checked out made it for a frustrating time for all of us.  As her birthday fell on the last week of school, I remember her expressing some anxiety over if she would be allowed to bring a special treat for the class.  

She isn’t a huge fan of birthday cake or the like, so she carefully picked out one of her favorite treats, fudge, from our local grocery store.

That morning she was so excited and proud of herself. It didn’t seem like anything could stop her that day until we got a phone call from her teacher. The fudge wasn’t allowed because it contained peanuts.

We were a little late starting the school year and missed the letter home letting us know that there was a peanut allergy in the classroom.  At that point we scrambled. The teacher said if it was an inconvenience she could just celebrate another day. Not going to happen on mama’s watch.

Fortunately, the class was in the middle of their reading time and the teacher allowed me to talk to my daughter. I told her I would be more than willing to bring her a replacement of cupcakes or something similar. My daughter reminded me that she didn’t want any cupcakes and after A few minutes she excitedly exclaimed “pretzels” as if she had come up with the world’s greatest solution.

A pretty unconventional birthday snack, but then again my daughter is pretty unconventional. Fortunately Snyder’s of Hanover could come to the rescue. Their individually packaged pretzels made for the perfect solution to a birthday celebration gone awry.  Some of the best pretzels that my daughter and I have ever had, I didn’t even have to make another store trip for them as we already had them on hand for my daughter’s lunches.

I knew that these would be a great solution as Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels are now being made in a peanut-free facility which makes them safe for kids with peanut allergies and schools that have peanut restrictions. All Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels made in the peanut-free facility will be labeled with new allergen information by mid-July. This important change makes Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels the perfect choice for parents looking for wholesome, peanut-free snacks to send to school with their kids in the fall. 
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