Some Frozen Food Benefits

“Some Frozen Food Benefits”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes we like to have last-minute get-togethers with our friends. We wake up with a lot of energy and feel like inviting someone over. Frequently we end up having such a good time that it spills over into dinner. This doesn't leave us a great deal of time for making an elaborate meal. Perhaps there was a show on TV we want to watch, a recent movie that came out, or just a get-together out by our fire pit that leaves us thinking "I could really go for some food right about now." The benefits of frozen foods are pretty impressive if you ask me. 


Once that statement comes out I know exactly where to go. I usually head right to our freezer and start digging through our surplus of snack foods and quick meals. We keep our freezer pretty well stocked and have quite the variety to choose from. Usually we decide on something simple like bagel bites, or some smart ones mini cheeseburgers. These type of quick and easy finger foods make for the perfect addition to any event. They are easy to make and they taste pretty darn good too. Another great choice we have enjoyed with our friends would be things like Totino’s Pizza Rolls, awesome finger foods, if I say so myself. We have really scrambled to put together anything when those last minute get togethers run into overtime, we have had Red Baron® Deep Dish Minis:, and even Edwards® Desserts: Key Lime Pie.

Here are some of our favorites:







 They are easy to make and they taste pretty darn good too. Read fresh vs frozen to find out more.

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Many times for us frozen food has come to the rescue. Freezing is just how fresh food stays fresh. It naturally pauses delicious meals at the right time so that when they are cooked their fresh, and quality ingredients are ready when you are. Freezing just locks in freshness, flavor and nutrients. We eat a lot of frozen food in our house and we enjoy it on many different occasions. In fact most of our meals include one frozen element if not more than one. Frozen food is made from real recipes and real ingredients. Especially when it comes to things like frozen vegetables it's just a natural way to pause that "just picked ", "just baked" and "just crafted" foods at their peak of freshness.

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Like I said before, frozen foods have come in handy when we need a last-minute snack. Not only are they perfect for entertaining your guests but they also are perfect for those times where you need a quick food fix, or even for your regular dinner. From healthy to an indulgence, we have been able to run the gamut of frozen foods and enjoy them all. Studies show that frozen food is just as nutrient dense, if not more than the "fresh" items in your local store. Most fruits and vegetables that have to be shipped are picked before they are ripe in conditions that are favorable to the shipper, not the consumer. This short changes us nutritionally. While fresh produce many times is picked when it looks good, not tastes good, it can really be a benefit to browse your frozen food aisle, especially when your favorite fruits and veggies are out of season. Frozen food can be "paused" right at the perfect point so you are getting them at their peak, instead of when overripe, or starting to lose freshness and flavor. Learn more by checking out Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh!

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