Sore Throat Season? No, Thanks

“Sore Throat Season? No, Thanks”

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I’ve tried to hold out. I have been fighting it thus far and I could hardly believe it. As much as I didn’t want to get sick at all this winter, and as many of the precautions I have taken, I started to feel that familiar tickle in the back of my throat.

I ignored it at first, subconsciously thinking if I didn’t give it any attention perhaps it would just go away. Unfortunately ignoring a sore throat doesn’t make it go away, but infuriates it and provokes it’s absolute fury.

Okay sore throat, you win. Despite little ones vying for my attention, bills and housework reaching for center stage, and everything  else piled on top of me I will give my sore throat the attention it’s now demanding.

By the end of the day my itchy throat have now turned a little more like a buzz saw easily making its way through a tall pine.

It’s not like I could just sleep it off, after my daughter is tucked away in bed there are still hours left of work to be done. Nothing says relief like fast acting Chloraseptic.  The number one pharmacist recommended sore throat relief brand for the whole family comes through time and time again. – *Lozenges Tied for #1

They spray is great for getting me through the day at home but their sore throat lozenges, with a soothing liquid center, provide fast-acting relief for my sore throat and helps to cool my nasal passages as well. When my sore throat gets the best of me I need fast relief on contact.

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Chloraseptic sore throat spray’s come in a variety of flavors including cherry, warming honey lemon, grape made just for kids and Max wild berry with a target sprayer.

The last thing I want to do is wait for an OTC pain product to take affect. Chloraseptic works on contact and knocks out that sore throat pain exactly when I need it. Nothing works faster. Great for parents and kids during cough and cold season. The spray helps relieve my sore throat and the lozenges are great relief during the cold season when traveling, visiting family and during the busy holidays.


As for that sore throat, I gave it the little bit of attention that it asked for then snuck up on it with a Chloraseptic spray and knocked it back where it belongs. Out of my mind, out of the picture, and out of my throat. Back to being supermom. Check out the Cold & Flu Tracker to see if you are in the “safe” zone. You can also follow the Chloraseptic® Facebook page. While you are at it, download a $1 Chloraseptic® Coupon

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