Sponsored Video: Jeri Ryan "Lodging" TV Commercial

“Sponsored Video: Jeri Ryan “Lodging” TV Commercial”

There is no easy way to bring it up, talk about it, or properly express the right emotions when dealing with cancer. It’s a tough thing to think about and most of us try not to think about it at all, if we don’t have to. Cancer is an intimidating word, and even tough to consider when your loved ones are involved. Cancer can be one of the scariest words in the human language, but fortunately, with proper treatment and a positive attitude, it doesn’t always have to be a scary word.

When disease strikes a family, there is nothing that they wont do to make sure their loved one is ok. When it comes to money, it no longer seems like its the priority it once was, but it still is a necessary evil for most things. At times like that, your focus should stay with your family, not your bank account. Thousands of patients that have been diagnosed with cancer, however, can’t afford to pay for a place to stay when their best treatment options are far away from their homes. No matter what the cost, the important thing is treatment, and healing, not paying for every expense along the way.

Paying for a room certainly shouldn’t make you come up short in the equation, when getting and paying for cancer treatments are concerned. For some people, though it is something that comes up all too often, and at much to high of a cost. Bank accounts can get wiped clean, and patients and their families still needing more just to get their loved ones care. Every penny can add up and people need help. That’s why last year, the American Cancer Society provided lodging for 50,000 cancer patients and their caregivers. By joining the American Cancer Society, you can help make sure those people that need a room to get that treatment, will. To help the American Cancer Society finish their fight against cancer, and help those in need to treatment take a step closer towards it, joining up with them is a noble and awesomely charitable thing to do.

This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.


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