Sponsored Video: Rice Krispies Cereal & Funny Questions from Kids

“Sponsored Video: Rice Krispies Cereal & Funny Questions from Kids”

Leave it to our kids to ask us questions we can hardly comprehend or answer, however, they will look at us with their bright, big eyes and wonder why you aren’t giving them a response.

Here are some questions your kids have probably asked you and chances are, they have left you at a loss for words:

1. Why is dad’s hair disappearing?

2. Why do you pull out your eyebrows?

3. Why do shoes make your feet stink?

4. Why do you get to stay up late and I don’t?

5. What do adults do when their kids are at school?

6. How did you get that baby in your belly? Did you eat him?

7. Where do babies come from?

8. Why do I have to eat my veggies all the time?

9. Why can’t I ever see Santa? He brings me presents but I never see him!!!


11. What IS THAT?!

12. Why can’t I stay up late? I’m a big, big kid! (No, you’re in 1st grade!)

Some things, like how the baby ended up in your belly, are hard for kids to digest. But Rice Krispies┬« cereal is easy to digest. That’s because it’s made of rice, which moms know is gentle on little tummies.

What are some questions that have left you feeling stumped when asked by your kids? Surely there is something that you just can’t answer or explain that has left you in tears from laughing. Let us know! Leave a comment below and tell us your funny story.

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