Spouses & Their Hilarious Habits

“Spouses & Their Hilarious Habits”

One thing I’ve realized when it comes to marriage, is the longer you are married, the easier it is to live with your significant other. The first few years of marriage, you are in that adjustment period where you are figuring out ways to co-exist in the same household. It’s even harder to adjust when you have kids. However, the longer you are married, it seems the easier it gets. At least for me.

However, that doesn’t mean there are still some funny things that my husband does that literally makes me “LOL”.

The Pants Hide

Oh, this is a popular one around here. “Don’t touch my pants, I’ll wear them later” as I go to collect them from different hiding places around the house. God bless my husband, but this pants hiding game has been going on for years. I will find them under the stairs, under the couch, by the front door. It’s actually become a game because he knows it drives me nuts but you know… I really don’t mind, they just don’t get washed by me

The Open Cabinets

Now, this habit is one that just goes with his personality. He is very focused and when he is in the kitchen, it’s no exception. When he is cooking, he likes to look at the goods so he has all of the cabinet doors opened. I usually come in the kitchen after he is done and close them. I love that dear man.

All in all, these little “quirks” are just one of the things that I actually love about my husband. He makes me laugh and without these little habits, I would be kind of bored sometimes.

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