Stay Healthy This Winter: All About Probiotics

“Stay Healthy This Winter: All About Probiotics”

Thank you to Yakult USA for sponsoring this article. Learn why Yakults exclusive L. casei Shiorta probiotic strain can make all the difference for digestive health.


You may have heard of probiotics, and maybe you haven’t. Probiotics are edible/drinkable products containing the helpful or “friendly” bacteria that normally live inside the human digestive tract. In the stomach, these beneficial bacterium help complete the digestive process, and assist in the producing vitamins. I’ve always taken them shortly after taking antibiotics, to keep the pleasant effects of antibiotics on my digestive system from showing themselves. Additionally, there is strong evidence that without adequate stomach bacteria (again, the good kind), the immune system can’t work correctly, lessening resistance to infections.

Probiotics are effective for lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, oral thrush, Crohn’s disease, vaginal yeast infections and ulcerative colitis. That is an impressive list of ailments, with an extremely simple solution. Children who have a family history of allergies or eczema, when receiving probiotics in their first six months of life, and when their mothers took probiotics during the final trimester of pregnancy, are less prone to eczema and allergy. Cool, huh? Another interesting idea is that children with autism can also possibly benefit from probiotics, because they decrease leakage of large molecules from the gut that can trigger immune reactions with effects on brain function.

This brings me to Yakult USA.

Yakult USA has been studying probiotics for over 75 years! In fact, Yakult’s founder, Dr. Minoru Shirota, was the first person to triumphantly culture a strain of bacteria that could make it through the digestive tract alive in the 1930s.

Incidentally, every probiotic strain is different and not all probiotic products specify their strain. This makes it hard to evaluate which probiotic products contain actual benefits, and which contain bacterium that won’t even make it into your system. Knowing the strain the probiotic product has will help you evaluate the benefits of the product, so you aren’t wasting your money on something that might contain “live and active cultures” that can’t even survive in your stomach. We want to replace the bacteria, not allow the stomach to destroy it.

When you see Lactobacillus casei Shirota (sometimes called L. casei Shirota) on the side of a Yakult USA and Yakult USA Light probiotic drink, you know that you’re getting a strain of probiotic bacteria that’s backed by over 75 years of research. Clinical research has shown that the L. casei Shirota strain is strong enough to reach your digestive system alive. I have been drinking 1-2 bottles daily and have found it helping balance my digestive system and help me maintain overall health. The serving size is small, and they are absolutely delicious. With beneficial bacteria that actually works, I have seen it help regulate my on and off again digestive issues and help my stomach work optimally without feeling weird or upset.

If you are considering adding a probiotic to your daily regimen (they also are good added into a smoothie), or just want to have some on hand for the times you might need them, Yakult USA is a product that I can stand behind, in both taste and effectiveness.

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This is a paid post sponsored by Yakult USA and Technorati. I received a free 10-day supply of Yakult Probiotic Drinks to complete my review.  Although I have been compensated to help spread the word about strain-based probiotics, all opinions expressed here are genuine and my own.


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