The Story of Tat The Cat

“The Story of Tat The Cat”

Here’s the story of Tat the Cat. My grandmother, who is very much a “Modern Day Grandmother” has an adorable cat that I see every week when I go over to her house for our special Sunday dinner traditions.

I love the story of how Tat came to be a part of the family and I sat down and had a chat with my grandmother to get specifics. It’s the cutest story so here goes.

I love my cat and if you have a cat like Tat, you’d love it too.

She’s very special to me, so here’s the story of how she came to be mine.

I wasn’t looking for a cat and I surely wasn’t expecting her to instantly become a part of our family however my grandson had other plans and I’m glad he did.

When he was younger, he came home with a surprise! It was a baby kitty. He had found her at a yard sale of all places and decided that he wanted to bring home a present to get out of trouble. He held up that cat with her cute little eyes and said “Here Grandma!”. She was black as night so we decided to name her Tat for Tattoo (ink).

She has been with us over 14 years now and she is very special to us and our family. One of the most amazing things about her is her “coffee breaks”. Yes, a cat knows when the coffee is brewing everyday at 3pm. My husband and I have an afternoon coffee break and as soon as the coffee starts brewing, here comes Tat, ready for her Purina treats. She’s not going to let us have a coffee break without her. It’s like clock-work, every day…

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