Surviving on Paper Plates with a New Baby

“Surviving on Paper Plates with a New Baby”

Having a new baby is tough. As if actually having a baby and getting on a new schedule isn’t hard enough, having to entertain the wide array of the guests that want to visit the baby certainly is. Everyone wants to come see the new bundle of joy and that certainly is understandable. It becomes hard though when people travel from far away and even out-of-state while our newborn isn’t quite ready to venture out to a restaurant. Quite frankly, neither am I.


This has put a little bit of a cramping our style as we really love eating out. This is forced my husband and I both back in the kitchen taking turns at making dinner for the family and usually for the guests that come visit. Don’t get me wrong, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to delicious meals, and almost wall-to-wall cookbooks for ideas, but after a while the whole process of cooking and cleaning up and take a toll on us, especially when the new baby is crying and needs her dinner at the same time.

Our normal schedule has gone out the window and our whole family seems to be on “baby time. ” We try and eat when convenient, and make sure to plan our dinners around when the baby is taking a nap. Even then it is a little hard for mama to feed the baby and feed the family simultaneously.

Our family isn’t one for cutting corners. We aren’t a big fan of fast food, or delivery and feel it is important to make home-cooked meals with good quality ingredients. That doesn’t mean that I am spending hours around the stove, but it does mean I have to pick up the slack somewhere.

Since we aren’t willing to compromise on our dinner foods, we have started using paper plates when we have guests over for dinner to save time on the back end when it comes to cleanup. Without Dixie brand paper plates we wouldn’t have the energy, nor the time to have anyone over for dinner to see our new baby. Saving time on cleanup allows us to focus on what’s important and that is family and friends.

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So far we haven’t had any complaints on the food or the cleanup. In fact it leaves our guests wondering how we do it when it comes to entertaining and crafting home-cooked meals without breaking a sweat. Little did they know we time the cooking around babies nap and we leave the cleanup to Dixie brand paper plates.

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