Take Part: Promote Organic Farming

“Take Part: Promote Organic Farming”

What kinds of foods do you buy? Do you try to buy organic? Do you shop for your produce at a local farmers market, grow your own or grab all items at the supermarket?

My husband is vegetarian and we try to buy fresh, organic vegetables often. Our favorite place is this little farmer’s market on the way to my grandma’s house. They have the best produce selection and it’s so fresh and delicious. I can’t imagine that ever NOT being an option.


Congress will soon vote on a new farm bill – the federal measure with the greatest impact on the food we eat. Currently, your tax dollars go to highly profitable agribusinesses that don’t need the help and to people who don’t live anywhere near a farm. The government does very little to help farmers grow organic fruits and vegetables.

Many families struggle to feed their children healthy meals. Time, availability, and cost all conspire to make cooking and shopping healthfully a challenge for parents. TakePart has created an action & petition that asks government officials to encourage wider availability and affordability of healthy, organic products.

Sign the petition & encourage healthier, organic options for families nationwide!

By signing the petition, you are making your voice heard to congress that you want your tax dollars to go towards programs that help families gain greater access to healthy, affordable food in the new farm bill.

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This petition will be sent to Frank D. Lucas, Chairmain of the House Committee on Agriculture and Debbie Stabenew, Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

Here’s the EWG’s background info on the Farm Bill and why consumers should care: http://ewg.org/agmag/2012/04/ewg-farm-bill-platform

Dan Imhoff also wrote a great book on the topic that outlines all of the issues covered in the bill, primer-style. You can find that info here: http://foodfight2012.org/theissue

Thanks to TakePart for sponsoring today’s discussion


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