Tech Talk: KOHLER Moxie Showerhead

“Tech Talk: KOHLER Moxie Showerhead”

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Are you tired of lugging your speakers into the shower so you can sing your heart out under the rain? As a shower singer myself, I've always said "wouldn't it be neat if your shower head was a speaker as well". Well, not only would that be neat…but it already exists. Kohler and it's bold look has brought us the "moxie". KOHLER Moxie is a single function shower head with a wireless speaker built in. My dream come true. I always worry about how the steam would effect my speakers and phone and now with its bluetooth capabilities I can leave my phone outside of the door, turn on my playlist and jam out as I suds up.



The speaker itself is removable from the base and easily charged with a USB cable (included). The sound quality is pretty impressive for such a small speaker and of course the showerhead is as functional as it is stylish and sleek.

It was easy to install, all I had to do was unscrew my old showerhead and screw on this one. After charging up the speaker, I easily synced my phone to the speaker wirelessly. Up and running. The real test came next, could it play and keep me clean at the same time? Of course it can!


Clearly my husband is a huge fan of this showerhead. It's easy to use!


A dream has been realized. It makes me wonder, what will they think of next? I'm happy as a clam in my shower being able to relax in the evening under a warm shower and mellow jams, or pep myself up in the morning with some rock-n-roll and an icy blast of cool water!

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