Tech Talk: Safe Drive Anti-Collision Technology

“Tech Talk: Safe Drive Anti-Collision Technology”

These days, when driving, you have more to worry about than just your own car. There are so many distractions on the road, in the car, all around you that it’s nearly impossible to drive each day without some sort of issue.

Every time I drive, I notice cars who speed around other cars, objects in the road, cars that pull out in a lane across a double yellow line and I think to myself, it’s almost like an obstacle course on the road.

Thankfully, there are precautions we can take to help alert us of any issues we may have such as having cars in our blind spot or not seeing something ahead of you.

There are many systems out there that can be installed on your car that can help alert you of any dangers ahead. I’m going to talk about those systems today.

Depending on the system, Safe Drive Systems uses advanced radar and camera technologies to constantly monitor your distance to vehicles ahead of you, as well as help keep you from drifting from your lane. The real-time analysis and warning of the potential dangers ahead of you can prevent crashes and serious or fatal injuries to yourself and others.

Both systems have a radar system that detects and processes moving object information from any sized vehicle, even a bicycle. These systems quickly analyze 20 times per second to give you advanced warning of adverse conditions.

Whether you are traveling on a bright sunny day, or in a rainstorm, our unique technology works effectively in any weather, day or night.

The RD140 and RD-140RDR Headway Monitoring and Warning monitors the driving distance from the vehicle in front of you (headway) and alerts you when the headway is less than a predefined threshold. The headway is the number of seconds it would take for your car to collide with the vehicle ahead.


6 Ways Safe Drive Systems Helps You Keep Your and Your Family Safe When Life Gets Distracting

1)  Rapid real-time monitor checks your driving are for danger 20 times per second
2)  Revolutionary camera technology alters you to potential danger up to 460 feet (more than a football field) in advance
3)  State-of-the-Art Lane Drift Technology prevents dangerous head-on collisions
4)  Advanced radar technology means your system operates effectively in all types of weather – day or night
5)  “Intuitive” alerts are designed means your mind can respond without your eyes leaving the road by giving the extra time to respond to adverse road conditions
6)  Professional set-up (installation) of your gives you peace of mind through our customer service

My favorite warning is the LDW. The lane departure warning is a warning that alerts you when you cross over a line without having your blinker on. This could be extremely beneficial on the freeway.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SafeDrive Systems. The opinions and text are all mine.


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