Tech Talk: Smilebox

“Tech Talk: Smilebox”

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I take a bajillion pictures a day. I am totally “that mom” who always has her face behind a camera (or my iPhone) determined to capture EVERY MOMENT. While my husband says my hobby borders on paparazzi-status, I say I’m preserving memories! Thanks to Smilebox, I found a way to not only snap photos, but turn them into super cool, shareable works of art!

Smilebox is a program for PC or Mac that turns your pictures into greeting cards, party invitations, collages, slideshows and more – all with minimal effort and in no time at all! You can print your creations (at home or in a store), post to your Facebook or website, email them to your relatives or make videos you can upload to YouTube. There’s never been an easier way to share all those childhood moments than with Smilebox.

For example, if you want to print or email an invitation it might look like this:

But if you saved the video file to email or upload to YouTube, it would look like this:

How cool is that?!

Did I mention they also have a free iPhone app?! Oh yeah, you can get crafty with images on-the-go too! The app is more limited than the desktop program of course, but its great for those quick edits that just HAVE TO be shared right away!

I love the slideshow “videos,” because there are soooo many templates to choose from and its way more entertaining that just emailing photos as attachments. We made this one with a few of our Halloween pictures and shared it with some of our family members who aren’t on Facebook.

I mean, that took just a minute or two and it brought the far-away family a ridiculous amount of joy! With Smilebox, there’s a reason why “smile” is in the name!

So let’s get down to brass tacks: CO$T

Many of Smilebox’s features are FREE! You can use any of their designs, make your own masterpieces and share them via Facebook, website or email. If you’d like a bit more power though, with the options to print at home (or in store), burn DVDs of your videos and have unlimited storage of your creations, they have a paid option that is $39.99/year or $5.99/month.

Now let me tell you right now that if you’re the paparazzi of the family that is totally worth it. Creating original greeting cards alone makes up for the fact that I won’t have to buy any more pre-made cards at the store anymore. Birthdays, holidays, and just-because cards? COVERED. If you’re still not sure if you’d like to shell out the cash, Smilebox offers a 14 day FREE trial of the Club Smilebox paid service so there’s nothing to lose… except the hours of your life you will spend making adorable creations!

Be sure to check out Smilebox on their website, on Facebook and download the iPhone app to see all this program has to offer!




*I received a Club Smilebox membership for review purposes, but all opinions are my own!*


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