The Best Bedtime Snack

“The Best Bedtime Snack”


The dreaded “before bed snack”.  I have started calling it “dinner two” myself,  because depending on how long my daughter wants to stay out of bed, depends how much “snack” she actually wants.  Before bed snack usually starts with begging and pleading for candy, whimpering for junk food, and settling on an agreement between her and Mom or Dad on something that is not only tasty enough for her, but healthy enough for us.

Occasionally she wins a leg up in the battle by waiting until the absolute last minute before bed, and then proclaiming “you forgot my snack!”  Touche’, young one, you outsmarted Mom and Dad again!  Teeth have already been brushed, bedtime story has already been read, and as soon as the light turns off, there it is.  Sometimes we will try and tell her its too late, but her will is as strong as her hunger apparently, as she stays up even longer moaning about how starving she is.

We finally have found a way routine that works perfectly.  As soon as Mom is is finished helping her pick out her pajamas, I already have the snack ready and waiting.  Instead of lots of heavy junk food, or a second dinner, I arrange a small, but healthy snack plate.  Enough variety to keep her from asking for something different, and not enough so that her next excuse is how full she is!

Right after bath and pajamas, but before teeth brushing is “bedtime snack”!  You aren’t fooling us anymore.  It comes with a big glass of water as well, so i know you are not “so thirsty you can’t take it”, anymore!

Most nights it will include a small serving of cheese squares, some crackers and some type of fruit.  Most nights because its delicious, nutritious and easy to add to the plate, we include Mott’s Snack & Go applesauce squeezes.  Not only are they filling, healthy and fun to eat, they also taste good enough for Dad to share one too around the same time.  Hey, Dad’s like bedtime snacks too, you know!

If I could offer any advice to those of you struggling with bedtime snackers, just give up the arguing and schedule in the food.  It seems so simple, and quite ridiculous really that an hour after dinner they can be hungry again, but they are growing.  Their little bodies need sustenance through the night and if it keeps them in bed, and gets the to eat something healthy, then by all means let them do it.  Here are some tips I have learned through trial and error!

1.  It is very hard to win an argument with a 6 year old.  They don’t argue with logic, they argue with tears.  Tears are like kryptonite to the parents.

2.  Make them meet in the middle, and have bedtime snack be light and healthy.  Mott’s Snack & Go’s are perfect for this reason.  They come in a variety of flavors and all taste delicious.

3. Have a drink ready, and afterward make them use the restroom.  That eliminates two other excuses that you might not have seen coming.

4.  Share that bedtime snack time with them.  It helps them to relax, and it’s a little extra time to show your little one you care.

5.  Last but not least, if all of these fail, and they still have an excuse to get out of bed, cry from frustration.  Because, parents tears are like kryptonite to a 6 year old.


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