The Best Breast Pumps on the Market

“The Best Breast Pumps on the Market”

As a new mom myself, I found it hard to find the best breast pump for me. We are all different which means not only do we get our milk in at different times, but breast pumps can work very differently as well. The hospital pumps are so much different than the other pumps that are out on the market for sale. If you’re lucky enough to have your insurance get you a pump for free or give you access to hospital grade pump congratulations, you have literally won the lottery! Unfortunately, my insurance, like many moms’ insurances out there, don’t cover the breast pump for you or if they do it’s an outrageous amount like 100.00 a month where you could easily go to a store like Target an buy one for 100.00 dollars flat out. However, the first pump I got from target sucked, because well it wasn’t sucking enough quite literally. Which made me wonder what the best breast pumps are on the market.

I did some digging and found there are quite a few that have wonderful reviews and awards for their amazing breast pump capabilities. I will be passing this vital information on to you, but first I want to state that everyone is different and you need to find one that works for you. Also going to lactation specialists can help guide you to the correct pump for the issues you may be having and I would never say that my research would outride what your doctor or lactation specialist would tell you to do. However, if you’re on you’re on like me and don’t want to talk to a lactation specialist for whatever reason this list should more than help you out of a difficult situation and should help guide you to some of the best breast pumps of 2018!

Medela is a name all new moms have heard over and over again because they are the most popularly used by hospitals around the world. Not only are hospital grade pumps Medela brand, but they work like a charm! There is a reason why the hospitals trust this brand and as a new mom, that’s very comforting when you’re looking for the best pump on the market. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On-the-Go-Tote is the number one choice of 2018 for a breast pump. The reason why this particular pump is rated the best by news moms of 2018 is that it comes with a tote that’s easy to carry or travel with. When you go back to work or if you’re traveling a lot you need to pump on the go. The tote and the ease of use are perfect for this! The other reason why this particular pump is so effective is that Medela figured out how to mimic the way a baby feeds of the breast. So with their double pumping technology in this pump and the powerful electric suction you can’t go wrong! The price might be a little hefty for a new mom, but considering you don’t have to rent a pump and then give it back it’s not that bad overall (especially when compared to formula costs). This pump is 239.47 on Amazon.com.

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump is another great pump choice on the market! New moms love the fact that this maximizes milk production with its hospital strength efficiency and digital controls that allow you to remotely change the pumping speeds. It also comes with extras like a timer and nightlight for late night pumping! It also maximizes hygiene by the way the parts are put together and how easy it is to keep clean! One of the other huge perks with that late night pumping is the fact that even though this machine has an excellent pump that’s hospital grade it doesn’t make a lot of noise when in use. Some of the other pumps are extremely loud and the Spectra Baby USA S2 is just as quiet as a mouse for only 159.00 on Amazon this is an amazing baby shower present for the new mom in your life or for yourself as a new mom to get.

Haakaa Breast Pump isn’t electric like the others, but it is a wonderful manual pump. I know what you’re thinking. Manual pumps take forever and are a lot of work, but the truth is the Haakaa isn’t! It has created the best manual non-electric pump on the market! The ones we get for free from the hospital make you feel like you’re playing trombone all night, but with the Haakaa, you won’t feel like a trombone player at all. Why would you choose this over the electric pumps on this list? Well if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious and don’t want to use up electricity this can help save on the electric bills and the environment. It’s also zero work. It gets milk out using its own suction so many moms use it while traveling or while they are breastfeeding on their opposite breast (because leakage happens). The other thing to consider is the price. While it won’t give you as much milk as an electric pump it’s very inexpensive which is something else new moms are concerned about. For 13.99 you can get the Haakaa at Walmart.

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump is another choice that new moms are going gaga over! This one is perfect for working moms because it’s so lightweight, compact and incredibly easy to travel with! You can use one or both pumps and there are different suction levels and speed levels for comfort and getting the best combo to maximize the milk production. It also has a closed system with protection to stop milk from back flowing into the tubes. This prevents wasting any ounce of your precious milk. It’s literally gold. The only issue foreseen with this pump is the fact it’s not hospital grade and doesn’t have the same suction as the other pumps on the list. However, many moms said this pump worked like a charm and got the job done. For 121.79 you can get this pump on Amazon.com

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump is a great manual choice. Perfect for traveling, quiet, discreet and easy to use! It’s been boasted that it’s super comfortable thanks to its angled design and helps your milk flow naturally into the container. The only issue with this one is that it will tire your hand out. If you’re using it more than once a day you may want to stick with an electric pump, but truly it’s all personal preference. Oh, on the bright side this collection container comes with a nipple so it can also be used as a bottle. Another great on-the-go perk! This pump is $39.48 on Walmart.com


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