The Secret Garden (of Broccoli)

“The Secret Garden (of Broccoli)”

According to the Clorox Ick-tionary, Secret Garden is a place where your child has hidden those vegetables from dinner they didn’t want to eat. It creates one of those messes that can only be cleaned up with Clorox Wipes, if you know what I mean.


Surely, your kids have hidden vegetables that they don’t want to eat at dinner time… because I know for a fact my child is not the only one!

The Clorox® Ick-tionary captures the icky every day and over-the-top situations that everyone can relate to; from circumstances surrounding the unpleasantness of poop and pee to things like applesauce on the ceiling (how?), to the sticky situation you’re in from the accidental “reply to all” mass email.  Visit www.icktionary.com to laugh, commiserate and resolve some of these mishaps and see how Clorox® cleaning and laundry products can help turn a lot of these ep-ick disasters into cleaning wins.
Starting April 2, visit www.icktionary.com to see the collection of the Clorox® Ick-tionary words, add your own and see how Clorox® can help clean up the ick so you can laugh about it later.

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You can find out all the details about this term and many others in the Clorox® Ick-tionary.

Cleaning isn’t exciting or fun by any means so we thought we’d make light of it by pinning some of our favorite products and e-cards:

Share your parenting ick moment for a chance to win $250 for Dad’s Day Out from Clorox! Visit www.icktionary.com to learn the new language for ick and how Clorox® cleaning and laundry products can help you tackle the next icky situation in your home, play games and win coupons while supplies last!

 This post is brought to you by The Clorox Company.  I have partnered with them to spread the word about Clorox’s Ick-tionary program. To share Ick-tionary terms and real life messes, visit [www.icktionary.com].  All opinions and stories are my own. Official Sweepstakes Rules


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