Time is Ticking for People to People's Winter Program Enrollment!

“Time is Ticking for People to People’s Winter Program Enrollment!”

Ring in the New Year in London, explore the mystical mountains of Peru, or give back to the children of Delhi in India as a Student Ambassador.

Time is running out to enroll for People to People’s winter programs! Take a look at the options!

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Back in July, we joined our friends People to People and 19 delegates to learn all about the program and to take in everything Europe has to offer us including cooking classes, the Eiffel Tower & a gondola ride through the Grand Canal… just to name a few!

For 50 years, People to People Ambassador Programs has been changing the world through educational student travel.

From Barcelona to Peru, People to People’s Winter Programs have a lot to offer!

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For 50 years, People to People Ambassador Programs has provided educational travel for students across the globe. Located in Spokane, WA, People to People Ambassador Programs is home to more than 200 employees who are dedicated to the design and delivery of each People to People program.

With more than 20,000 Ambassadors traveling annually, People to People Ambassador Programs continues to play a significant role in increasing global awareness.

As one of the the world’s most recognized and respected educational travel providers, People to People Ambassador Programs travels both students and professionals around the globe.

500,000 Students and teachers have participated in People to People Ambassador Programs.

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