Tinybeans: Share Moments That Matter With Those You Love

“Tinybeans: Share Moments That Matter With Those You Love”

We wanted to take a moment to talk about one of our new favorite apps. Imagine a place where you can share memories, photos, updates… securely and privately with those who you choose to share them with. I’m talking from the moments of pregnancy and beyond. Tinybeans is a new family-friendly app that makes it easier to stay connected with those you love in a variety of ways.


What is Tinybeans for?

From the early days of pregnancy, Tinybeans is the simplest way to record your child’s precious moments, privately share with family and friends and discover ways to encourage your child’s development.

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You can record milestones and special firsts, discover helpful content tailored to your child’s life stage and support development through suggested activities. That’s just a few of the amazing things you can do with Tinybeans. You can also create a daily journal of photos, videos and notes to treasure forever using the apps or website, organize moments in a calendar format, store precious memories in a safe and secure environment and make beautiful linen-bound photo books of Tinybeans Moments in seconds.

Through the Tinybeans platform you can privately record moments and milestones with loved ones. Family and friends then provide encouragement and support as they help your child grow whilst experts supply personalized content based on your child’s milestones to further feed their development.


Private Sharing with Family

With Tinybeans, you can privately share your moments, milestones and mess-ups with the loved ones who really care. Invite family and close friends to follow your Tinybeans Journal and to receive email updates of new moments. You can also have your followers can access your Tinybeans Journal through our apps, website or email so it doesn’t matter if the grandparents don’t have a smartphone!

Find out more:

Find out more about Tinybeans by visiting their website, downloading the app for iPhone and Android devices. You can also find them on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and google plus.


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