Tip: Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries

“Tip: Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries”

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Having a new baby leads to lots of changes around the house. It’s amazing seeing things through their eyes and experiencing their excitement as each normal task elicits wonder and thrill in their eyes. Simple things like a leaf falling from a tree, a dog barking, or even the chirp of a smoke detector, yes the chirp of a smoke detector could have them entertained for hours on end.

One particularly funny instance was just that, our smoke detectors batteries had ran low and we couldn’t quite figure out what it was that was making the beeping sound.

“Chirp chirp” we heard as we were all seated around the dinner table. “Did you hear that?” My oldest said. I thought I faintly heard something but it may have been outside and of course my husband, who has spent years listening to music on full blast didn’t hear a thing.

A few moments went by and there it was again. “Chirp chirp”. This time I was sure it was something in the house, but after a recent kitchen remodel I had no idea which one of my appliances it could have been. My youngest, the baby, looks up at the ceiling and mimics the sound right back. Now we have to things chirping and only one where I could tell it was coming from. “Chirp chirp”, I heard, and immediately the baby repeated it back again as she looked to the ceiling.

I started slowly making my way through our house, as at least I had figured it was coming from something, waiting for the sound again. It wasn’t the dishwasher, nor was it the dryer. It wasn’t our coffee maker, I looked at every appliance, well almost every appliance that is until I heard the chirp again, then watched my little one as she looked up and yet again chirped back. There it was, the smoke detector. You know, I might never have figured it out if it weren’t for that little one looking up and talking back to the smoke detector.

I felt so silly that I needed a 15 month old baby to point out where the sound was coming from, but I am glad she did. As I replaced the batteries, I could tell she was a little disappointed her chirping friend stopped talking, so I tested the batteries with a few chirps and let it say goodbye.

I am glad we figured it out because smoke detectors are very important. . Even though most homes have smoke alarms and smoke detectors, the National Fire Protection Association reports that 71% of smoke alarms which failed to operate had missing, disconnected or dead batteries.* This reinforces how important it is to take this time each year to check these safety devices.

October is National Fire Prevention month. Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs are encouraging everyone to take time to make home safety a priority. On November 6, when you set your clock back for daylight saving time, use the extra hour to take a lifesaving action – in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, along with all of your home safety devices. This includes connected home devices, flashlights and other critical battery-operated devices.


For 29 years, the Energizer® brand has partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to help keep families safe through the Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries™ program. Every fall, Energizer® and the IAFC work to remind people of the simple, life-saving habit of changing and testing the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, along with all of your home safety devices, when setting the clocks back for daylight saving time.

As part of the annual Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries™ program, Energizer encourages you to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clocks. It is a simple, life-saving habit than can keep you and your family safe in your home.


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