Tips for Healthy Snacking #TryFrusionFree

“Tips for Healthy Snacking #TryFrusionFree”

Snack time, the eternal battle with parent and child. Our child always ops for something containing a great deal of sugar, while we try to maintain some semblance of healthiness.


When picking snacks we try to avoid things that are high in sugar, avoid things that contain high fructose corn syrup and things with very little nutritional value. One of our daughter’s favorite foods is air popped popcorn. Popcorn is a delicious snack at the whole family can enjoy and is relatively guilt free. We always have applesauce and smoothie squeezers, in addition to a variety of healthy granola bars. Although it is hard to try to get our little one to indulge in fresh fruit and veggies a dipping sauce is usually at hand to make them more palatable to her picky tastes. Apple slices with caramel, celery slices with peanut butter, broccoli dipped in ranch, are all delicious things that our little one can enjoy.

Although if our little one had her way she would eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks in between, we do try to get her to vary her case by adding vegetables to food she does love. Adding some tuna and peas to macaroni and cheese, adding broccoli to tortellini’s, Or adding a medley of fresh vegetables to her newfound favorite nachos are some of the ways we incorporate healthy foods. Oh yeah, and don’t forget those vitamins to pick up where the diet lacks.

NEW Frusion C-Charged delivers real fruit and creamy yogurt that your entire family will love! In addition bold, intense fruit flavor, it delivers powerful nutrition.


Containing a full days Vitamin C, good source of protein, and half your daily calcium, it’s the perfect snack for you and your kids! One that is also free of High Fructose corn syrup. Bonus: With no spoon required, it’s perfect for an on-the-go snack.

Frusion C-Charged has a rebate program. You can try it for free by purchasing Frusion C-Charged and filling out and mailing a rebate form found at www.freefrusion.com. The program dates are 7/22/13-9/30/13.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Burst Media and Frusion.


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