Top Personalized Holiday Cards & Gift Ideas

“Top Personalized Holiday Cards & Gift Ideas”

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Last year around this time, I had a new baby and was still adjusting to life as a family of four. This year however, I feel like I got my groove back, and I’m ready to up my holiday game. I admit, we didn’t even send Christmas cards last year… I just did NOT have the energy.

I knew I wanted to do something different this year, but also something easy. Very easy. Something as easy as an online service and direct-to-door delivery, or better yet, something that could be done entirely in-store, all at once. Enter Staples. I found out that they offer Print and Marketing services and are known as the go-to location for personalized holiday cards, invitations, gifts and more. Super excited about that one.

Creating personalized holiday cards online was SUPER EASY. They had a lot of designs to choose from. I loved that I could create the cards online and pick them up the next day if I wanted, or if I didn’t want to leave my house, they could be delivered to me. For last minute gifts, you can even create your card or gift online and pick it up in store the same day, although some features are excluded for in-store pick-up (i.e. rounded corners and backside printing available for delivery only).

I loved these designs:




Christmas cards are a big deal in my family. My grandma displays them on her mantel and looks at them all throughout the season. I knew if I really wanted to cheer her up, I needed to create an adorable card and include a super cute family photo that she could also frame if she wanted.

While browsing their website, I also discovered other things I can personalize, like ornaments. My mind started racing. This was a lot of fun for me. Staples really blew me away with all the options they provided. I never really thought to go to them for print and marketing services, but that’s because I never knew it was SO EASY or that there were so many options! They really make it simple for a busy mom like myself to create cards or gifts and have something ready with the click of a button, literally.

Not only did I discover that they offered holiday cards and gifts (think mugs, ornaments, and posters!) but I saw that I could also print an adorable banner or invitations for Christmas dinner! The possibilities really are endless. I can’t wait to check back in with you and show you what I created! Anxiously checking my mail. The suspense is killing me!

Pretty sure I need to order about 10 of these so I can give them out as gifts this year!


If you are thinking of using Staples services, I have some coupon codes for you!

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