Traveling With Technology

“Traveling With Technology”

Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. As a matter of fact, I’ve often heard moms mention that they often needed a vacation from their vacation. We all know that it can be a lot of work keeping the kids entertained.


My daughter is what I would consider to be the keeper of many electronics. They have fascinated her since she was young. While we limit the amount of time she spends on electronics, we do allow her to do chores to save up for an app or two from time to time. It works great, by the way. She will clean the whole house if she knew she could get the free Talking Pets app.

Recently, we decided to take a family trip and while I would love to pack all the electronic devices, I knew it would be easier to limit what we bring and stick with something I think would be beneficial to all of us.




I decided to pack the Sony VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC. The Sony VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One PC, powered by the Intel® Core™ processor is the ideal device for the original All-in-One: MOM. Not only that, your kids will love playing games, puzzles and spending time with you coming up with fun, craft ideas… and you won’t even have to bribe them!

Bringing the Sony VAIO Tap 20 with you on a trip is pretty simple. It is extremely portable and you can even leave the mouse and keyboard at home! Grab the charger and hit the road, Jack.

The VAIO® Tap 20 PC is like having your game room, movie collection, bookshelf and more all accessible on a take-anywhere 20″ touchscreen. Surf the web, balance your budget, play games and more wherever you want—from bedroom to living room, Tap 20 goes anyplace the action is. Designed with multiple users in mind, you can explore it on your own, or invite your friends and family to join in the fun.

With a built-in battery for cord-free convenience, VAIO Tap 20 easily moves from kitchen to couch for the enjoyment of all. Simply pick it up and carry it from room to room—no unplugging or shutting down necessary. Its multi-position stand lets you tilt your Tap 20 to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. Just push down gently until the position is perfect. Lay it flat to play board games, or prop it up to watch a video. You can even hold it in your lap while sitting on the sofa.

The best thing about bringing the Sony VAIO Tap 20 with you is its ease of use. You can use it in the car, on the road, in the hotel room. I found it to be extremely convenient when my daughter wanted to play a puzzle or browse her favorite websites. It was great while we were stuck in our hotel on a rainy day and perfect to play with while we had a little down time. I never would have that a computer would be so convenient but it is! WOW!

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