Undercover Mama: Make ANY shirt a nursing shirt!

“Undercover Mama: Make ANY shirt a nursing shirt!”

Our sponsor Undercover Mama couldn’t be a more perfect company to feature for World Breastfeeding Week.

The Undercover Mama is mom invented, owned and operated! It is a strapless tank that clips onto your nursing bra. It’s simple, yet genius!

” I wanted something to keep my skin “undercover”, but I didn’t want to deal with more clasps, flaps, etc. to dig through and do back up each time I nursed my baby.  When I didn’t find what I was hoping for, I designed it myself.”

You take your favorite nursing bra, you attach your Undercover Mama shirt to it and it becomes your favorite nursing top. If you are unfamiliar with this company let me show you how this genius shirt works.


See.. Simple! But how does it attach to your nursing bra you ask? Easily!


The shirt has an attached hook that easily hooks onto your nursing bra. What is even more perfect is that after you are done nursing you can still wear your Undercover Mama because it can attach to your regular bra as well!

Sometimes nursing tops don’t cut it. Especially if you need the extra support of a bra and this is why Undercover Mama is the perfect nursing top for any one.

Not only is this a completely awesome top, but it comes in a wide variety of colors AND it’s cheaper than most nursing tops out there! I mean let’s face it… who wants to spend a ton of money on a brand new wardrobe when all you have to do is buy an Undercover Mama and make any of your favorite shirts into a nursing shirt? I couldn’t wait to get back into my pre-pregnancy shirts again. It was something I was looking forward to being able to do after being pregnant for so long. To finally be able to wear my clothes again and feel more like me. Thankfully there is a product like the Undercover Mama that allows you to!

Here is a picture of the Undercover Mama in action:

Photo credits: Undercover Mama website

I got a chance to speak to Elena, Co-Owner of Undercover Mama and ask her a few questions:

♥ 1. Tell us a little about Undercover Mama: Undercover Mama is mom invented, mom owned and mom operated! We are all about supporting moms!

♥ 2. How did the Undercover Mama come about?The Undercover was invented by Elisa, a mother of 5. She was looking for a stylish and convenient alternative to an expensive nursing wardrobe.

♥ 3. If you could give a new mom any breastfeeding advice what would it be? Don’t try to do it all by yourself! There are great resources, mom support groups and products to help you through the challanges.

Please visit their website at: www.undercovermama.com to learn more about this genius invention and the mom behind it.

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  • Bex on August 3, 2011

    Wish I would have known about these when I was nursing! Next time……

  • Jessica on August 3, 2011

    I love this idea and will definitely be getting one when I have another.


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