Unwind With Friends + Great America

“Unwind With Friends + Great America”

I may have not been born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, nor raised on Southern traditions, but somehow this California born girl has a southern heart.

I love sweet tea, and sitting on the porch watching the leaves change from green to gold as they fall off the trees. I love watching the lightning bugs on a warm summers evening, and I love taking what my husband would call a slow “southern stroll” through back road trails.

Not much can make a perfect night even better, but sharing a drink or two amongst friends after a long week is one thing that can. Inspired by the outdoors, Great America brand helps me kick off those relaxing southern nights as fall slowly creeps its way towards winter. Perfect for sipping yourself, or sharing around a campfire, Great America offers a little bit of southern history with their Blue Ridge Mountain bottled, flavored malt beverages.

With flavors like apple pie, strawberry, red white and blueberry, lemonade, Carolina clear, peach, pumpkin pie and even watermelon, there’s a flavor for everybody. Sip it straight or use it to create a mixer, this is a great drink to share amongst friends while relaxing in the great out doors, or to be honest… sipping after a crazy day with the kids while relaxing in your bathtub, in the great indoors.

Now I know what you might be thinking, what kind of gal am I to be drinking moonshine? Well, this isn’t exactly moonshine at all, I flavored malt beverage that can be drunk right out of a mason jar, this is a flavorful drink and throwback to the past combined with a modern attitude. Southern tradition, yet made for the modern mom.

Brewed and bottled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great America was born from Southern tradition and raised by a new breed of greatness. Their product focused content will highlight Great America’s roots while also highlighting the brand’s eight distinctive flavors.






With a winter upon us, there will be plenty of get-togethers and campfires where this drink could perfectly be paired with a good set of friends. Not to mention the holiday season upon us, half of you might need a jar of this just to tolerate your in-laws. Great America is not only a nod to traditions of the past, but now a part of my own tradition.

Great America can be purchased in different grocery stores – not in liquor stores! Check out the website for the store locator.

Great America is not a moonshine – although some people consider it to be because it is in a mason jar. It is a flavored malt beverage speciality.

Great America is available in 6%, 12%, and 14% ABVs.

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