Walk It Off with Omron's New Pedometer

“Walk It Off with Omron’s New Pedometer”

Pretty much everyone knows that working out can calm a stressed-out mind. Some days it feels like there is not enough walking energy inside of my legs to deal with all the headaches of the day. Whether it’s a screaming child, paying the bills, or anything else that’s just driving you up a wall, physical activity of any sort can really be that relaxing activity you need to pick you up and get in the right mind frame.


I know all about taking a walk just to relax. After running late taking my daughter to school, spilling coffee on my shirt, and narrowly escaping the wild drivers on my street it’s not even 8:30 in the morning yet and my head is ready to explode. Sometimes I decide to start walking right away, and wonder who is going to run out first, my legs or the road? Although I do always feel better when I return and am able to deal with the day with a much more even keel. Sometimes getting those steps in can really be the savior of my day.

The cool thing about Omron is not only do they understand that, but they want to give you a hand. The first part of taking a direction toward a healthier lifestyle is moving. Get up and get going. The second part is tracking your progress. When it comes to a healthier lifestyle, especially if you’re trying to lose a little weight, tracking your movement, along with the calories you are burning is paramount to your success. Omron’s new Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-325) allows you to just toss it in your pocket or purse and get an accurate step count and do exactly that. You also have the traditional option of wearing it on your hip.


The Alvita Ultimate Pedometer not only precisely and accurately counts your regular steps, and aerobic steps, but it also calculates the distance and calories you burn so you can set a realistic goal and check your progress. The Alvita Ultimate Pedometer also has seven days of memory to help keep you motivated as you work towards your fitness goal. If you keep at it, you will see the progress. If not physically, mentally, and usually both!

When you are stressed out do you “walk it off “when the world gets in your way? Taking a walk to alleviate your stress is certainly more healthy and sitting on the couch eating a tub of ice cream. In addition to helping your stress levels go down, staying motivated towards a healthier lifestyle and seeing results will also contribute to a more stress free life.

Here are some tips for getting in a few extra steps during your day.

Tips for getting in your 10,000 steps everyday
1. Take a family walk after dinner.
2. Park farther away at the shopping mall and walk the extra distance.
3. If possible walk to work, or take breaks at work to walk.
4. Walk to the corner store instead of driving.
5. Encourage your family to walk with you, it’s easier with a little support.

Every step you take is in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, so start tracking your progress with Omron’s new Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-325). Special technology allows you to stow it in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate step count, while also offering the traditional option of wearing it on your hip. Like Omron on Facebook and challenge yourself to get to about 5 miles or 10,000 steps everyday!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Omron. The opinions and text are all mine.


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