We are off to Louisiana to celebrate local tradition and the spirit of Mardi Gras

“We are off to Louisiana to celebrate local tradition and the spirit of Mardi Gras”

It’s February, which means celebrating big events and special holidays such as Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day.  These traditions are honored throughout the country – Louisiana included.  However, our friends on the bayou will also be taking part in Mardi Gras – a festive purple, green and gold extravaganza that has been celebrated for centuries.

With millions of locals and visiting spectators taking part in Mardi Gras, the carnival event is one of the most spirited rituals in the world. Mardi Gras encompasses the customs that the bayou state is best known for – food, music and culture.  This year, we are really excited about the festivities because Modern Day Moms will be experiencing this cultural phenomenon firsthand.  And the most exciting part is that we get to share all of our experiences with you along the way!

Winn-Dixie, a southeastern grocery chain serving Louisiana communities for the past sixty years, has invited us to take part in an interactive behind-the-scenes tour to witness locals preparing for, and celebrating, this well-known cultural tradition that has been perfected by locals. The neighborhood grocery store, with nearly fifty locations in Louisiana, is gearing up for this meaningful tradition.

Since its existence in Louisiana dating back to 1956, Winn-Dixie has established itself as a neighborhood grocery store that listens to its customers and engrains itself into local culture.  There are few customs as local to Louisiana as Mardi Gras. Winn-Dixie has graciously offered to host us next week to showcase what happens when local tradition meets Southern hospitality.

From touring a busy fish house and meeting area farmers, to packing backpacks of food for needy children and learning how to bake king cake, we’ll do it all during a three-day itinerary that’s rich in local flavor. And for the grand finale’ of our tour, Modern Day Moms will have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of riding on a Mardi Gras float in the Krewe of Argus parade.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and we’ll give you a behind-the-scene look!

We are so excited for this trip and we are looking forward to showing you how passionately Winn-Dixie cares about honoring cultural traditions and establishing local partnerships to provide customers the best quality and freshest products available.  Stay tuned for a fun-filled, behind-the-scenes look at Mardi Gras 2016!


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