Wheat Toast & Black Coffee

“Wheat Toast & Black Coffee”

The alarm woke me up again. Usually I wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off but lately I could have slept right through it. I walk straight to my daughter’s room and get up and dressed for school and send her downstairs to get ready for breakfast. In the morning it seems like the minutes go faster than any other time of the day. “What would you like to eat?” I asked her as I head into the kitchen to make my cup of black coffee that makes my day really start up. “I think I will have waffles today “she said. I put her waffles in one side of my toaster and my wheat toast in the other side.

I poured her a drink of orange juice and set it aside. I looked over at the clock and noticed we only had ten minutes before we had to leave and her shoes weren’t even on yet! I grabbed her breakfast and set it down in front of her, as I went to the bathroom to put on a little make-up and brush my hair before I took her to school. I came out about five minutes later to notice she hadn’t yet touched her breakfast. I excitedly said to her “you know we are running late, why haven’t you eaten your breakfast?” She looked up at me with the cutest face and very matter-of-factly replied “because I don’t like wheat toast and black coffee”. I almost had to laugh to myself as I had set my breakfast in front of her and left her waffles in the toaster.

At that moment we both smiled as I went back in the kitchen, put syrup on her waffles and sat down at the kitchen table. “Enjoy your breakfast sweetie,” I said. “It just looks like today we’re going to be a little bit late, and sometimes that’s okay.”

She finished up her food, put her shoes on and we were out the door only a few minutes later than normal. The traffic wasn’t that bad and we still got to school on time. I’m glad she ended up with the waffles and orange juice, with all the energy she has already, I’d hate to see her after a cup of coffee.


Pillsbury Toaster Strudel recently announced its “Morning Movers” activation, calling fans to reveal what wish would get their mornings going and started off right for a chance to have it brought to life. Toaster Strudel is teaming up with folks like country music star Jerrod Niemann and others, to make morning wishes come true.

Surprise Serenade From Country Star Jerrod Niemann, Thanks To Toaster Strudel

“Morning Movers” is kicking off with two wishes found through listening on Twitter. Jerrod Niemann made a Texas girl’s morning wish a reality by waking her up with a morning serenade. To participate, fans simply go to Facebook.com/ToasterStrudel to submit their morning wishes, and Toaster Strudel might turn their dreams into reality.

Fans can submit their wishes through January 31, 2014 for a chance to be selected.


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