When it comes to Nutrimom, you don't have to go at it alone.

“When it comes to Nutrimom, you don’t have to go at it alone.”

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrimom. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Nutrimom program supports this mission by offering moms and moms-to-be trustworthy nutrition and wellness support via a desktop or mobile experience.


The mobile app is extremely easy to use and has been very helpful in my time of need. You know, when the baby decides to STOP SLEEPING and hates being put down.

I reached out to my Nutrimom coach (yes, they offer Personal Coaching!) to ask her what exactly I should do. She even sent me a helpful article talking about sleep patterns of a 4 month old. You would be surprised how much I needed it. I found the article extremely helpful even though right now, my baby is going through what is known as the 4-month regression where she basically decides that sleep sucks.

When my Nutrimom coach asked me what was going on and if there was anything I needed help with, all I could muster up was “Sleep. I need sleep.”




With Nutrimom, you get one-on-one sessions with a personal Nutrimom Coach and I love that. They provide ongoing messaging with a team of Early Life Nutrition experts, master classes, group coaching sessions on topics from lactation to physical activity, and help with setting and tracking goals. They also have a digital library of nutrition and wellness information that is science-based and tailored to your needs.

I think a lot of times when you are pregnant or have a baby, you need someone to talk to, someone to help you and offer advice without talking to all your friends online. It’s easier to just work with your coach and go to them for advice when needed.

I most definitely recommend you give Nutrimom a try. You can find out information on Healthy Taste Development and they can offer advice on many of the common issues like Managing Stress, Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements. You don’t have to go about it alone. The Nutrimom program offers a specialized line of nutrition products to help ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need at every stage of your baby’s development.

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