Why My Morning Walks Are Crucial

“Why My Morning Walks Are Crucial”

This post is sponsored by Nestle Pure Life Water. All opinions are my own.


This post is sponsored by Nestle Pure Life Water. All opinions are my own.

Every morning I take a walk. When I first started taking walks, it was just to improve my overall fitness. Slowly but surely, I started to realize how much better I felt after my walk each day. Not only did I feel better physically, but my mind always felt so clear. I began returning from my morning walks with a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm to take on the day. It was just what I needed. My “cup of coffee” if you will.

These morning walks have become a constant part of my routine and something that I look forward to. I am able to take in my surroundings and be present in the moment. Throughout the seasons, my walks have remained. I have hiked on trails, I have walked on paths, and have explored new neighborhoods. I have jogged back to my car as it started to rain, I have bundled up in layers when the wind chill was below zero, and I have slathered myself with sunscreen when the heat was beating down upon me.

Another thing that has been an absolute constant on my morning walks is staying hydrated. Hydration is important all throughout the year but especially in these hot summer months. As the seasons change and the heat can beat down on our bodies, it is absolutely necessary to remember the importance of bringing a bottle of water or two with you. Nestle Pure Life Water has been my go to brand as I walk out of the door. I snag a couple of water bottles and am on my way, ready to enjoy the morning out in nature.

This summer has been extremely hot already. With only a brisk walk for a mile or two, I am coming home absolutely drenched with sweat. That is another reminder of how important hydration is especially when you are sweating. Not much is going to stop me from taking my morning walk, and certainly I wouldn’t be able to continue if I weren’t drinking water.


My morning walks have become paramount to my success as a parent. It’s a little bit of “me” time and I come back feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Thanks to Nestle Pure Life Water I am able to stay hydrated and keep my body working in tiptop shape. After all, our families need us and it is our responsibility to be healthy and happy as well.


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